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Goodbye Glenn Frey

While Glenn Frey had a reputation for extreme bluntness, I think we may have gotten along for that very reason... Shortly after I did this shoot for him, he put me on a Lear jet (not joking) and I went to the snowy Rockies to photograph his family.

Rest in peace Glenn.

The Return of D'Angelo

Good things are worth the wait. (And wait. And wait. And wait). You get the idea...

With last month’s shock release of D'Angelo's "Black Messiah", the soul singer and multi-instrumentalist returns with his first album of new material in 14 years.

So a great opportunity to revisit a few images from my photo session from him 14 years ago! (Even though I pretty much got a contact high just being in the same studio as him)

And a note for fellow vinyl lovers out there, “Black Messiah” was recorded entirely in the analogue domain, with no digital interventions, using tape and mostly vintage equipment. (Perhaps not a surprise considering that D'Angelo doesn't own a computer and still has a walkman).

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